SCI Actionable Nuggets 1st ed. (2010)

For the more than 40,000 Canadians living in the community with a spinal cord injury (SCI), the first line of defence in the face of a health challenge is the family physician. Unfortunately, many primary care physicians confide that they feel ill-equipped to deal with issues relating to spinal cord injury and the disability resulting from it. The management of secondary complications, long-term health problems, and individual and family adjustment, all depend upon astute recognition of common problems, and assertive treatment by experienced professionals.

Recent research conducted in partnership between the Office of Continuing Professional Development, the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Department of Family Medicine, the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, and the University of New South Wales (Port Macquarie campus) has resulted in important findings to facilitate accessible, high quality primary care for people with spinal cord injuries, without unduly adding to the burden of family physicians.

Click below to access the SCI Actionable Nuggets (and their reference lists) for the 20 most common and most pressing health issues experienced by people with SCI.

  1. Epidemiology of Spinal Cord Injury in Canada
  2. Wheelchair Accessibility 
  3. The Importance of Regular Urologic Follow Up
  4. Recognizing Urinary Tract Infections in SCI Patients
  5. Pharmacological Management of UTI
  6. Screening for Bladder Cancer in SCI Patients
  7. Annual Assessment of Neurogenic Bowel
  8. Constipation in Neurogenic Bowel
  9. Periodic Re-evaluation of Bowel Program
  10. Screening for Colorectal Cancer in SCI Patients
  11. Assessment of Pain in SCI Patients
  12. Management of Neuropathic Pain
  13. Autonomic Dysreflexia
  14. Screening for Depression in SCI
  15. Prevention of Skin Breakdown
  16. Treatment of Skin Breakdown
  17. Assessment of  Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in SCI
  18. Physical Activity and SCI 
  19. Management of Chronic Upper Extremity Pain
  20. Sexuality in SCI