Welcome to ACTIONABLE NUGGETS web-based support

Actionable Nuggets are brief, focused communications about primary care for special populations. Actionable Nuggets synthesize the latest literature and offer specific recommendations for evidence based primary care for patients with special needs.

  • They are called Actionable because they offer guidance for action and can be implemented immediately by physicians.
  • They are called Nuggets because these brief communications are worth their weight in gold.

Actionable Nuggets focus on patient populations that are low in prevalence, but high in importance and urgency in primary care.

This website not only acts as a dissemination portal for Actionable Nuggets, it also provides background information on:

  1. The research team
  2. Details of the development of Actionable Nuggets
  3. Results of the pilot test of SCI Nuggets
  4. Testimonials from current users

Rick Hansen talks about the benefits of Actionable Nuggets